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At Sophie Anderson Coaching, we believe that investing in your team's wellbeing, happiness and growth is the key to unlocking your business's full potential.

"To grow a healthy business, you need a healthy workforce", maintains our Founder, Sophie Anderson.

We also know that you may already be investing in your employees' wellbeing through various initiatives, benefits, and support systems.

If you notice that your efforts go unnoticed or are underutilised, it may be due to communication gaps or hesitations from employees to voice their needs.

Our coaching programs bridge these gaps.

Empower your team to enable holistic wellbeing, growth and success.

✔️ Empower employees to understand their needs and confidently communicate them.

✔️ Foster a productive, collaborative and supportive work environment.

✔️ Foster healthy conversations, creativity, and genuine collaboration.

This is the growth mindset in action.

Our Focus

Research shows that companies with top engagement scores have twice the net profit and 2.5 times the revenue growth of organisations with low scores. Achieve greater engagement with tailored coaching programs designed to improve your current team's wellbeing and retain your top talents for as long as possible.

Lead a healthier, more engaged and performing workforce starting now.

Leadership Coaching

Enhancing leadership leads to better staff quality. We collaborate with Leaders, refining their vision, leadership, and communication skills. We also teach them basic coaching skills.

Staff Coaching

We boost staff motivation and performance with personalised coaching. Employees overcome limitations and set meaningful goals. Proven results: enhanced engagement, productivity, job satisfaction, and work quality.

Talk and Workshops

We identify crucial qualities, skills, and experiences for specific roles. We offer guidance on creating appealing job descriptions and designing interviews that align with company culture.

Work-Life Integration

Leadership and staff coaching improve stress and time management, and foster with a healthier work environment. Employees gain a better understanding and motivation to contribute to business success. Everybody wins.

"Quiet quitting employees are your organization’s low-hanging fruit for productivity gains.

They are ready to be inspired and motivated — if they are coached in the right way."

(Gallup.com 2023)

Nearly 60% of our workforce are known to be "quietly quitting". These employees are the ones who show up at work, but do not deliver a quality service or product. The quality of their work and their behaviour impact the businesses' success and profits negatively, as well as the team morale.

Coaching is the solution.

Gallup's 2023 report "State of the Global Workplace: Gobal insights" reveals that "Quiet quitting employees are your organization’s low-hanging fruit for productivity gains. They are ready to be inspired and motivated — if they are coached in the right way."

By boosting employee morale, resilience, and work-life integration, we can help you create a positive workplace culture that drives growth and success.

The Process


We delve into your vision for growth and identify any obstacles that may hinder your team productivity and motivation.

We offer guidance, and design a personalised coaching program for your needs.

Coaching Packages

Keep your team growing! Professional Life Coaching has a high return on investment, and has proven to be an extremely effective approach to improving time-management, productivity and positivity.

Talks & Workshops

We offer Motivational Talks and Creative Workshops that adress common workplace issues and improve habits, communication, change management and productivity whilst promoting the growth mindset.

Results you can expect

Increased Employee Engagement

Empowered and motivated employees who are committed to your business's success.

Enhanced Productivity

Improved focus, creativity, and efficiency resulting in measurable growth.

Reduced Stress Levels

Shared strategies to manage stress and build resilience, creating a healthier work environment.

Higher Employee and Customer Retention

A positive culture that attracts and retains top talent,

reducing recruitment and training costs. A positive customer experience and improved customer retention.

Ready to take your team to new heights?

Don't let your team's growth and potential stagnate. Contact us today to enquire about our tailored coaching programs and discover how we can help you create a happier, more productive, and successful work environment.

Still unsure?

We understand that investing in coaching may raise concerns about costs or competing priorities. We invite you to consider that by investing in the growth and wellbeing of your staff, you are simultaneously investing in the growth and success of your business.

When employees feel empowered, motivated, and supported, their productivity and loyalty increase, resulting in higher retention rates and a positive impact on your bottom line. Furthermore, fostering a healthy work environment will attract talented individuals seeking a workplace that prioritises their wellbeing and personal growth, giving you a competitive edge in recruitment.

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Gallup.com - State of the Global Workplace: 2023 Report





Meet Sophie

As an accredited productivity and wellbeing coach, a social entrepreneur, and a community leader, Sophie is dedicated to leading the way in combining life coaching with social impact, creating a community where individuals and businesses make positive change for a brighter future.

As the visionary behind "Cairns Wellness Solutions," Sophie is a registered social entrepreneur who invests in supporting locals on their wellbeing journey.

With over 25 years working as a professional and executive staff in the education and training sector, Sophie is well-seasoned in understanding staff engagement and the impact of personal wellbeing on the overall business culture, productivity and success. She is currently contracted as a Wellbeing Project Officer at CQUniversity, revamping the staff and students’ mental health and wellbeing strategy.

As an ICF-accredited Coach, Sophie brings her experience and knowledge to help you foster growth and wellbeing on a personal and professional level. Her programs include leadership development, personal coaching, motivational talks, and impactful workshops. Her focus is on mindful productivity and authentic leadership.

Sophie states “Authentic leadership is the ability to empower and guide individuals to become their best selves, whilst also remaining true to ourselves. I strive to help you unlock your authentic leadership potential to boost productivity and wellbeing in both your life and your organisation.”

Sophie is your go-to expert for guidance on productivity, holistic wellbeing, and positive transformations within yourself and your organisation.

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